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Build a BioImaging Network in Canada​
  • Bioimaging scientific platforms – imaging scientists, managers, directors

  • Bioimaging technology companies – build relationships, shape technology development and implementation

  • BioImaging networks, courses, workshops and meetingsLink with national and international

    • e.g. Global BioImaging (GBI), BioImaging North America (BINA)

Educate the Bioimaging Community
  • Coordinate offerings of courses and workshops across the country

  • Job shadow training in technology and scientific platform management

  • Share best practices, promote courses and workshops, coordinate educational initiatives

  • Connect imaging scientists to necessary expertise (i.e. imaging platforms and experts in the field)

  • Develop national recommendations for quality management, best practices, standards, data management

  • Provide recommendations to institutions for career paths for imaging scientists

Form a Technology Node under the Canadian Network for Scientific Platforms (CNSP) Umbrella
  • Provide information relevant to the CNSP mandate that is important for the Canadian BioImaging community

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